Marriage Visa in Thailand

If you are married to a Thai citizen then you can obtain a marriage visa for Thailand. This visa is more complicated to apply for than a tourist visa however there are many benefits to this visa. These are the basics for the visa

When you are married to a Thai citizen you can apply for a marriage visa. This visa is valid for 3 months or 90 days when you enter Thailand. Some Thai Embassies will allow you to obtain a multiple entry visa which has 4 visa ‘legs’ stages. Each stage ia valid for 3 months or 90 days. When you enter Thailand you can stay for 90 days however just before the first leg expires you leave the country and do a ‘visa run’ – in other words you leave Thailand for a day and come back across the border. When you come back into Thailand the second leg is activated. You can again stay in Thailand for another 90 days.

Marriage Visa in ThailandThere is also the option of a full one year extension in Thailand at Thai Immigration. This will allow you to stay in Thailand for 1 year without the need to leave the country. For this you need to be able to show that you meet the financial requirements and that you are in a valid relationship. Most people leave this legwork for a solicitor to do as you need to show where you live with a map showing where you live, photos of you and the wife together in the apartment or house and other documents. You also need to show an income of 40,000 Baht a month or a deposit in your Thai bank account of 400,000 Baht. This needs to be done each year.

The 3 month visa also allows you to apply for a work permit in Thailand. It’s the only visa that can easily be used for a work permit application outside of the usual business visa.

If you are planning on living in Thailand then speak to one of our solicitors about obtaining a Thai marriage visa for yourself. Let him advice you about what needs to be done, the paperwork needed and also explain to you about the 90 day reporting to immigration. Speak to us on our main website via our chat messenger, or via out toll-free US or UK telephone numbers or simply walk into any of our offices in Thailand.

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