Getting Divorced in Thailand

If you are getting divorced in Thailand then you need to have a solicitor at your side. With many years of experience in Thailand we are best able to serve your needs. Here are the basics about divorce in Thailand and how best to obtain a divorce. Getting divorced can be easy or complicated. If both parties agree then it can be very easy as both you and your wife

Getting Married in Thailand

If you have had a wedding in Thailand and now need to register your marriage in Thailand then speak to our solicitors about registration of the marriage. With years of experience we are best able to assist you. Speak to us today. Firstly if you are not in Bangkok and are not using a solicitor then you would have to come to Bangkok for at least 2 days. Most people

Permanent Residency in Thailand

If you are looking at living in Thailand permanently then you might consider a Permanent Residency application.  Speak to a solicitor about this as it is only done once a year in Thailand. Once a year the Thai government accepts limited applications for permanent residency each year as listed below. . The requirements for Thai PR are as follows: You must hold 3 consecutive years of one year visas; or

Retirement Visa for Thailand

If you are wanting to retire in Thailand you need to obtain a retirement visa for Thailand. Our solicitors in Thailand will be able to show you how best to obtain this visa and what the requirements for a retirement visa is. In order to retire in Thailand you need to be older than 50 years of age when you apply for the visa. The visa is applied for outside

Marriage Visa in Thailand

If you are married to a Thai citizen then you can obtain a marriage visa for Thailand. This visa is more complicated to apply for than a tourist visa however there are many benefits to this visa. These are the basics for the visa When you are married to a Thai citizen you can apply for a marriage visa. This visa is valid for 3 months or 90 days when

Tourist Visa in Thailand

Obtaining a Tourist Visa for Thailand today is easier than before as the requirements have been lowered. Before the embassies would not issue back to back tourist visa’s however that has since changed.