Permanent Residency in Thailand

Permanent Residency in ThailandIf you are looking at living in Thailand permanently then you might consider a Permanent Residency application.  Speak to a solicitor about this as it is only done once a year in Thailand. Once a year the Thai government accepts limited applications for permanent residency each year as listed below.


The requirements for Thai PR are as follows:

  • You must hold 3 consecutive years of one year visas; or
  • 3 years of consecutive work permits
  • An income of 80,000 Baht a month; or
  • 30,000 Baht a month (if married to a Thai for at least 5 years)

The benefits are as follows with regards to holding Thai PR:

  • The possibility of obtaining a mortgage bond;
  • stay in Thailand without a visa;
  • You can become the director of a public company;
  • Buy property with less ‘Red Tape’;

What is important is that the Thai government only allows 100 citizen per nationality each year to obtain Thai PR. Speak to any of our solicitors about PR in Thailand and what your chances are with regards to the 100 citizens per nationality each year. Speak to us today via our toll-free UK or US telephone numbers or walk into any of our offices in Thailand for advice.

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