Getting Divorced in Thailand

If you are getting divorced in Thailand then you need to have a solicitor at your side. With many years of experience in Thailand we are best able to serve your needs. Here are the basics about divorce in Thailand and how best to obtain a divorce.

Getting divorced can be easy or complicated. If both parties agree then it can be very easy as both you and your wife simply have to go back to the Amphurs Office where you got married and file for a divorce. Forms need to be completed and the procedure is rather simple. Child custody and any other financial agreements can be drafted and signed at the offices as it is a straight forward administrative divorce.

If one party does not agree then the matter has to be placed onto the court roll for hearing. This is where is can become expensive and time-consuming as the wheels of justice in Thailand rolls very slow. There are a number of reasons to file for a divorce however the most common would be adultery, or the husband has not lived with the wife for more than a year. Both parties need to be present in both an administrative divorce or one held in court.

Divorce especially when it comes to children will be an issue if one party wants to return back to his country. How would the access to the children work and also what financial arrangements would be made. Speak to one of our British solicitors about filling for divorce in Thailand and how best to manage the divorce. Complex divorces might include the use of a private detective and other services you might be thinking of right now.

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