Getting Married in Thailand

If you have had a wedding in Thailand and now need to register your marriage in Thailand then speak to our solicitors about registration of the marriage. With years of experience we are best able to assist you. Speak to us today.

Firstly if you are not in Bangkok and are not using a solicitor then you would have to come to Bangkok for at least 2 days. Most people leave the documents with their solicitors and collect it 3 days later. You or your solicitor firstly have to go to your embassy in Bangkok to obtain a letter of affirmation. This letter states that you are able to get married and that you Getting Married in Thailandare single. If you have been divorced the embassy would want a divorce decree from you with the application. This affirmation takes 24 hours to obtain and this then needs to be verified by the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Thai Department of Foreign Affairs is out where the old Bangkok airport used to be in Laksi. This takes another day so if you want to do it yourself – go very early. They will verify the letter of affirmation and stamp on the back of the documents – verified. This letter now has to be taken to the local Amphur’s office which Westerns call the District Office. Here all the documentation has to be handed in and a Thai marriage certificate is given.

If you want to simplify your life then speak to any of our solicitors in Thailand about prenuptial agreements and marriage registration. Speak to us on our main website via live chat, via email, or call our 24 hour toll-free US or UK numbers.

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